5+ DIY Floating Desks You’ll Want to Copy

Have some wall space and want to make good use of it? Consider the ever practical floating desk — a convenient shelf, impromptu productivity workspace, and fashion statement, all in one.

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Impromptu research spot. Grab a book and start citing.
Never run out of places to write neverending to-do lists.

Floating Computer Desk for Tiny WFH Office Space

An unassuming desk at night, a full office zone with sliding keyboard tray during the day.

This desk is also floating but boasts folding storage space for hidden goodies:

How to Build a Floating Computer Desk

Floating wood desk, check out those appealing lines.
Try making a floating desk shelf yourself; make sure the wood and cables are connected securely into a wall stud.

57 Functional Folding or Floating Desks to Make the Most of Small Living Spaces (Tiny Home, Studio Apartment)

When I saw a tiny house for the first time, I was intrigued by the many space-saving yet super functional design choices the builders made to create both comfortable and practical living spaces. Your tiny space just might be big enough to work, play, eat, compute, and maybe even sleep!

The key is: each item has a purpose — or several.

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A simple, unintrusive, and effective drop-down wall table in action

Your house doesn’t have to be short on space to utilize these clever ideas, but if you do incorporate them into your room design, you just might reap the multiple rewards of cool and stylish and pragmatic to the max.

Space-saving drop-leaf table for tiny houses:

Two wooden wall-mounted drop-leaf table offerings (in white or birch) from Ikea:

Wall-mounted folding desk. Oh la la.

This drop-leaf table can be mounted to any wall (use it as a desk or a dining table for two in a tiny kitchen) and folds down when not in use for ultra-small spaces.

I like the non-committal utility of this table: if you are not sure you want a table but you also don’t want to store a card table somewhere else for its occasional use in the space, a drop-leaf table installed on your wall is a nice solution that doesn’t feel like a compromise.

Plus, the table is so simple you could easily construct a custom table with similar functionality, if you have the vision and inclination.

The convertible table below is a little more involved, but also doable for the DIYers.

Homedepot sells a similar setup, with a chalkboard under the table (Utopia-Alley-21-in-Rectangular-White-Floating-Desk-with-Built-In-Storage)

Here’s an ingenious solution for flexible seating and storage without blocking a window:

Storage that converts to tables — one desk, a half table, or a full-size table. For details on how to make this yourself, check out Ana White’s sliding table and cabinet page.

Folding Desk with Built-in Computer

(Thinking about adding this to my wall… one of these days…) Want a slick computer workbench to create a better work system flow? Make your own folding desk with a super quiet and powerful desktop computer system integrated into the build:

Floating & Folding Desk for Tiny Nook, w/ Storage

minimalist much?
It’s a mirror! No, it’s a desk! It’s a space for morning journalling before the world reclaims your private time.
For your tiny Tokyo office, here’s a wall-mounted, foldable hideaway desk for situational convenience.
If your room is constrained an angled ceiling, try out this design and enjoy that natural light!
Have an extra pallet laying around? In a DIY mood? Here you go.

Spice Up Your Blank Wall Space with These Floating Desks